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Committee documents
The original technical version of the information, which is continuously updated by the committee of experts, is available here.
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Committee documents

This project emerged from the in-depth work on business cycle dating in Portugal. A group of seven renowned economists conducted a thorough analysis of the performance of the national economy, working with relevant data using advanced statistical models.

Library of Committee reports

Each recession identified in the Portuguese economy is accompanied by a technical report produced by the Committee.

Committee Statements
Access the statements:
Files for downloading

To facilitate dissemination and use, each quarter is indicated in the files according to the first date (e.g., 01/01/1999 if the indicator refers to 1999 Q1), in a suitable format to each of the extensions.

It should be pointed out that the decision to use the first date of the quarter does not in any way imply the position of the Committee on the moment, within each quarter, when the peak or the trough occurred.

Available formats: txt, .xlsx, .pdf, docx.
Methodological Notes
You will find more detailed information on the methodology used by the committee here: