To study, disseminate and discuss the Portuguese reality. With freedom and independence.

Foundation Websites

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Contemporary Portuguese Database. Collection, compilation, systematization and dissemination of data on multiple areas of society of Portugal, its Municipalities and Europe (english version).
Aggregated data on the values, attitudes and behaviours of Europeans in the last 20 years (english version).
Fronteiras XXI
The themes that challenge Portugal and the World (portuguese language)
A digital network to promote collaboration among scientists and reduce the gap between the scientific Portuguese diaspora and the Portuguese society (portuguese language).
Unequal Portugal
To understand the main changes in income distribution, economic inequality and living conditions of the Portuguese citizens during the period of the adjustment program, between 2010 and 2014 (portuguese language).
Born In Portugal
The framework of persistently low fertility levels and the birth challenges that Portugal is currently facing (portuguese language).
Chronologies of Contemporary Portugal
“Most innovative digital media platform in 2016” award, attributed by SAPO (portuguese language).
Pordata kids
Pordata for children from 8 to 12 years old (portuguese language).
Rights and Duties
A thousand legal questions about the rights and duties of citizens (portuguese language).
Statistical information on globalisation, sustainability and human development (english version).

About the Foundation

Mission and Goals

The Foundation was founded in 2009 by Alexandre Soares dos Santos and his family for the purpose of studying the country’s major hindrances and bring them to the attention of the Portuguese people. Francisco Manuel dos Santos Foundation views to address a loophole in Portuguese society: despite considerable discussion about the most diverse subjects on the public arena, the debate in Portugal always seems to be based on subjective opinions and personal perceptions rather than on solid data and careful research.

The Foundation thus publishes books and conducts research on relevant society issues, such as education, the economy, justice, or public policies; it organises meetings and discussions, gathering and giving voice to national and international experts; it creates, collects and discloses data on Portugal and Europe through various platforms.

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