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Essays, Portraits, Magazine XXI and Research Studies. Learn more about the publications of the Foundation.

Essays, Portraits, Magazine XXI and Research Studies. More than 180 publications, 230 authors and 650 000 books sold.


The books are written in portuguese language
The books are written in portuguese language

Light books, strong views.

This collection offers a specialist's point‑of‑view about different areas of the Portuguese reality, in small-sized books that use simple language.

Full list here (in Portuguese)


Living books

This collection closely examines specific aspects of the Portuguese social reality, trough investigation pieces, written in a narrative and ethnographic style.

Full list here (in Portuguese)

Research Studies

Since its creation, the Foundation has published more than 40 scientific studies, involving over 200 researchers. Research activities are divided into three main areas: Society, Economy, and Institutions.

General guidelines of the Foundation’s research activities:

  • Scientific quality is ensured by a thorough recruitment process of qualified research teams and careful evaluation of projects by external experts;
  • Projects should generate new data to be shared with the Portuguese and international scientific community, enhancing the relevance and impact of the projects;
  • Systematic emphasis in a comparative approach, analyzing the Portuguese case in comparison with others in our geopolitical area; and, in a prospective  approach, outlining possible scenarios;
  • Project design always includes a strategy for the dissemination of results.

Magazine XXI.To have an opinion.

This magazine believes that the existence of an informed public opinion – engaged and interventive – is a fundamental condition for a democratic and open society. The publication gives voice to original and contrasting views and ideas that can help citizens form their opinions freely. Directed at an informed audience from all ages, social strata and professions, it privileges a direct approach, publishing articles that are deep without being academic, attractive without being sensationalist.